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With regular preventive maintenance checks we can avoid most furnace and air conditioning problems.

Ask us about our complete summer & winter checkup. We recommend this prior to the summer and winter seasons to insure you enjoy comfortable living.

Common A/C Problems

Most air conditioning problems are a result of flawed installation, poor service, and insufficient maintenance. However, there are several ways to check for and resolve problems associated with your central air conditioning. Common problems include the compressor failing to turn on, the air not coming out cool enough, low airflow, and water leaks.

The first thing you should do if your air conditioner is functioning poorly is to check the fuse box or circuit breaker that services the unit. The fuse may need to be replaced or the circuit breaker reset. Also, if the air conditioner turns on and off frequently, the compressor and fan controls may be worn out.

If your unit is turning on, but the air isn’t cooling efficiently, your refrigerant may be low. You may also need to clean off the evaporator or condenser coils by brushing them off or vacuuming them. In addition, the filter may need to be replaced. Clogged, dirty filters block normal airflow and reduce a system’s efficiency considerably.

Leaks are usually associated with low refrigerant or a clogged drain pipe. Clogs can be fixed by clearing out the clogged pipe within the evaporator coil pan. Leaks should always be handled by a service professional.

Looking For More Information On Heating and Cooling?

Heating and cooling your house is an important aspect of your home life. You’ll want to make sure you are choosing the right custom home builder for your new house and your budget. We offer Free Heating and Cooling Price Quotes from reliable, local air conditioning service experts.

Top 5 Heating Problems in WV

Are furnace troubles dropping the temperature in your home? Keep out the WV chill and stay warm with these tips. Check out this simple furnace troubleshooting guide that can save you time and money on heater repair bills.

Self-Diagnose Heater Repair Issues

Heat loss issues can be a tricky fix, but for broken furnaces, the proper repair might be easier than you think. Experts who specialize in plumbing and heating for old house restoration cites the top five problems they see in furnaces:

Top 5 Problems: 

  • Clogged filters

  • Clogged nozzle

  • Sludge in the oil tank

  • Faulty controls

  • Neglect

 If you’ve checked your filters and done other basic furnace troubleshooting, it’s time to call an expert. Browsing heating service experts online is a simple way to get recommendations, see reviews, and learn more about the professionals in your area. Different companies charge varying prices for parts and labor, and it’s important to get a quote from at least three different companies before choosing the one for you.

Solve Furnace Problems Before They Start

These top five furnace problems can be avoided with a little attention beforehand.  All of these things can be checked or corrected by annual cleanings,” experts agree.  Besides saving on service calls, you should make up for the cost in increased efficiency savings as well as prolonging the unit’s life.  Of course, that’s easier said than done if you’re experiencing heater problems now.

Chris Fulks

Chris Fulks

Owner, licensed contractor and HVAC certified in WV